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Message from the SEE Project Director

Parent With A Purpose

Summer 2006 is over and the children are heading back to school. As the new school year begins for the students, let us as parents and parent educators commit to a greater involvement in the educational success of the children in our sphere of influence.

During the lazy days of summer, the academic lessons of the school year take a backseat to fun-filled activities like picnics in the parks, days at the beach, family vacations, and a long list of recreational outings. Math formulae and scientific theories are forgotten in the heat of summertime fun. As parent educators we must help our children focus on discovering and reconnecting to lessons learned in the past.

How can we parent with a purpose to help our students achieve higher levels this academic year? We can partner with the teachers and school to play a greater role in the success of the student. Here are our "Top Ten Thoughts" to help bring out the best in your child this school year.

  1. Start the day with a healthy breakfast and end with a good night's sleep;
  2. Meet with the teacher early in the school year to understand the expectations for each class;
  3. Provide stability (order in the home, safety, security, etc.);
  4. Provide a conducive environment for study and homework (cleanliness, clutter-free and well-lit study space);
  5. Encourage completion of homework early in the evening, before watching television and/or before fatigues sets in;
  6. Check homework for errors and completeness;
  7. Read aloud regularly to your elementary school child;
  8. Provide access to resources and reference materials. Utilize safe on-line websites that can reinforce classroom objectives. Check a new resource -- Mixing in Math, or similar sites for help. The resources on DELTASEE.ORG are informal science education activities that also reinforce classroom work.
  9. Be an active partner with your child's school: attend Home and School Association meetings, volunteer in your child's classroom or at a school special event, and participate in back to school nights and other academic meetings throughout the school year.
  10. Be a role model and head cheerleader for your child, emphasizing constantly that you believe in them and assuring them that they are capable of achieving all that their hearts desire and their minds aspire.

In closing, please be reminded that the word "parent" is indeed more than a noun; the word is most effective when it serves as a verb! A verb reflects the action being taken. As you “Parent With A Purpose,” may your actions direct your child in having a great academic year and encourage them to SEE life as Science& Everyday Experiences.

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