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SEE training includes a SEE Leadership Development Workshop. The objectives for the SEE Leadership Development Workshops are to prepare members to serve as advocates and organizers for informal science education activities and events for children and families. Learning objectives for the workshops include:

  • Gaining a better understanding of informal science education and science inquiry, and how both support in-school science.
  • Understanding how science is connected to everyday experiences.
  • Developing, conducting and evaluating informal science education community activities and events with children and families, as part of ongoing events and programs.
  • Encouraging family-based informal science education practices, including keeping a family informal science journal.

After the training workshops, Chapter members will be ready to organize and set up the following types of SEE informal science community events:

  • SEE Sundays at churches, which include setting up informal science activity tables at church-based functions or programs.
  • SEE activity tables at community fairs, Black Family Reunions, city-wide festivals, shopping malls, grocery stores, hair salons, and barber shops.
  • SEE science carnivals or engineering design competitions at colleges and universities or community and church sites.
  • SEE days at libraries or for scouts, preschools, after-school programs, PTAs or school assemblies.
  • SEE days in African American museums.
  • SEE field trips to science museums, zoos, planetariums, and botanical gardens.
  • SEE special events with public radio or television shows.

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